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The public policy of our country, as it applies to the elderly, is reflected a Message to Congress, nearly half a century ago.

"On the basis of his study of the world's great civilizations, the historian Toynbee concluded that "A society's quality and durability can best be measured 'by the respect and care given its elderly citizens."'

                         John F. Kennedy in a Message to Congress



Our goal, as active advocates on issues of importance affecting the quality of life of the elderly is the full implementation of existing federal laws and programs designed to give the respect and dignity espoused in public policy.


Seldom does an opportunity arise, with so much potential for improving the lives of so many, as is afforded by full implementation of the Social Services component of Medicare Home Program..

Operational Premises

  • The ingredients necessary for major improvements in the quality of life of elder Americans, already exist in established public policy, legislation, funding, and programs.

  • Effective advocacy for the elderly requires involvement in a broad range of issues targeting social injustice. 

  • Enhanced self-sufficiency and prolonged independence of large numbers of elderly is an entirely attainable short term goal by combining:

    • Patient centered orientation at all levels

    • Clearly articulated issues fairly including perspectives of professionals at all levels of government, oversight, and service delivery

    • Practical solutions, based on reliable data, generated by field tested service delivery models, producing win-win-win scenarios for all, and especially for the elderly

    • A collective desire to treat our elderly with the respect and care 

    • Cooperation, hard work and common sense.

Motivating Factors           

The elderly are entitled to the level of respect and care implicit in public policy.  Health Care Professionals have a duty to implement such public policy.  Our plan for improving elderly life quality reflects our determination to make a difference.  Grounded in factual data, emanating  from real time experience and field tested service models, our positions and recommendations provide public officials and policy makers with accurate information upon which to base decisions.  

Forum for Issues and Action Plans  

It is our intent to develop this Web Page as an interactive forum to influence the implementation of our Nation's Public Policy as it affects the respect and care of our most vulnerable citizens.  Expect identification of issues and formulation of action plans to begin in September of 2007.



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